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Seriously Deranged Minds Eye [29 Mar 2004|01:45pm]
[ mood | I am A BAD Mothefucker ]

I just took a meeting with Client.
Things are not what they appear.
I sweat profusely.
Mainly from this meeting, but also as it's totally sizzling flesh
in the outside.

My Client 'John & Linda' represent a major Lending firm.
The usual babble; I am like yes yes yes; Oh? yes?
(Must act surprised at the same Bullshit EVERYDAY)
Close Deal, Handshake *Lots of Funny Money* the twinkle of my
Pearly Whites.
Then I fuck up. I give them a card. The card is not my business
It's another type of card that Indentifies me in certain circles.

Evidently; they are card weilding patrons of this Organization
and claim they Know of me. I never Fuck Up. I just Did.
It got weird. They wanted me to go to Lunch; Teach them
and Tell them. I said Fuck It. Lets Go For it.

I am in the Mirror Now. I have Grey Slacks on, my Bushido Grey
Dress Shirt; Deep shiny Blue Solid Tie. Silver Seiko Kinetic
My Dressy Maroon Docs, I'm Tan from surfing, and I Look Fucking
Great. As I pick up my Gargoyle driving glasses the Beast within
is going to be released. I am taking them to Lunch. They want to

Know things? I guess Fuckers must think I am a Battery; providing
power and Energy to the Masses. I am going to Mind Fuck these two
Flesh Bags. I am going to make them wish that they sooner fucked
the Fryolator than Assume that I would Dish Knowledge To them.

As I step and walk with a swag; I am a Major Cocky MotherFucker.
I am a total C.S. Cocksucker. The Beast within...OH yeah
U/they/them.........Have Know Idea. I will go easy on them as it
was My stupidity; amazing the actions that can occur with the
dropping of a single I.D. Card that says: "OH" this is something
I belong To. Fuck, I will sit attentively; let these Mental midgets
spew Fuck Goo from there Lips, and I will speak not a Word. Then
within the Last 10 Minutes I will Lay down the Hammer. They will be
cureled up like babies in the womb when I am done. Keyser Sosa.
God Damn Movie Myth; I Could Eat That Fucker for Breakfast, and

Have Room. I will even throw a toothpick in my mouth as I drive them
Just like a Major Fucking C.S. I will play New Order Blue Monday.

Oh I am in for a Treat that far Exceeds the Joy
That Far Exceeds 'Chocolate Fudge Brownie'

Tonight, I will Go Surfing, Running, and workout until I puke and
Pass out. Why? Because I can.

The QUIZATSATTERAK**********************************************

As I walk out I have my Cocky Grin on; and my eyes a sparkle through
Me Gargoyles.
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cross post [04 Feb 2004|08:12pm]

I've finally finished The Dancing Wu Li Masters after years of it sitting on my shelf and weeks of reflecting on what it is saying. It's an old book when considering present developments in the observation of quantum mechanics, but quantum theory itself is twice as old and since its inception has hardly changed. This book however is the first I've read that was capable of viscerally explaining the non-locality and non-linearity of space-time. Limited by "symbols" it acknowledges this limit and it dances with you within these confines so as to allow you, the reader, to experience the reality that the ambiguity of language prohibits. I've read books that describe the world in terms of eastern philosophy, relativity, string theory, quantum electrodynamics, probability functions, and from the historical perspective of the human perception of time itself, and yet none of them were able to convey what was on the tip of their brains, and the tip of mine as well. They all touch upon the fact that at the plank level no further observations are possible, or that energy and matter, waves and particles, are merely two different manifestations of the underlying fabric of space-time. That the linear passage of time is only a construct resulting from the methods with which the relativistic mind collects the information, while space-time itself is only motion, with no preference towards forward or backward. They all extol the words of Bohm, Bell and Schrödinger, but none of them ever try to conceptualize these precepts beyond the application of their useless symbolism, or then take so many angles in driving home the truth of the matter.

Here's a mantra saved like a jewel in one of the very last pages.

Reality is what we take to be true. What we take to be true is what we believe. What we believe is based upon our perceptions. What we perceive depends upon what we look for. What we look for depends upon what we think. What we think depends upon what we perceive. What we perceive determines what we believe. What we believe determines what we take to be true. What we take to be true is our reality.

As far as information is concerned, this book pales in comparison to the likes of In Search of Schrödinger's Kittens or The Elegant Universe, but it's what this book leaves open to interpretation that brought me the most pleasure.

I'll tell you now that there is no way to view the universe in discrete, quantified, localized concepts like we used to. Those Newtonian days of dissecting the universe as if it were some slabbed corpse in a college classroom are coming to an end. Somewhere in the past us Westerners drew a distinction between mythos and logos. We severed the rational half of our brain from the irrational completely and we lost the ability to harmonize the two as a superposition of the same underlying perception. We dichotomized the very tools our genes gave us for understanding reality into opposing camps, indeed we separated our own minds into bitterly feuding internal demons. Somehow in the Western race for supremacy we fractured ourselves even further into such weapons of "rightness" as religious doctrine, philosophy (social science), hard science (biology), theoretical physics and so on, all of them believing they were the true self contained answer to our universe. Religion and philosophy on one said proclaiming the "why", sciences on the other stating the "how"...and yet somehow neither side realizing that they were arguing over semantics. In their argument over the "what" neither side realized that it was actually searching for the same thing, only through different means.

I try to talk about these things with my friends and find myself overwhelmed by the simple burden of... of starting. I want to share my thoughts, I want to explain my beliefs, but I find it nearly impossible to describe my conception of something such as religion without first describing the foundation of historical, philosophical, and theoretical (quantum mechanics) data that I have built these ideas on. I just wish I knew where to start, the beginning or the end? :(
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hey hey [28 Dec 2003|12:45pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

hello everyone... I was wandering through the doldrums of LJ and found a community that my friend Mike created... and that seemed at least somewhat interesting... So now Im here...

Let me hear your thoughts on this... speak your mind...(it begins a little anecdotal, but it gets there, i promise)

My first really serious significant other was Clark. Clark and I were together for about a year, and we split last May. I feel quite guilty about the whole thing because I think I was a stupid little girl about it all, it being my first actually real relationship, and I think I did quite a few things wrong. I had hardly any control over my emotions at all and was quite childish when I got upset. I was a lot more stereotypically Pisces, more sensitive, weaker, insecure... However, when I got really upset, mostly when I was really pissed, I was an awesome writer. My poetry was stellar. I've never written anything as amazing as I did then. And it just came to me, there was no effort involved. When we broke up, growth really hit me. Quite rapidly. All the things I shoudl've learned *During* the year-long relationship I learned in a period of just a few weeks. It all washed over me at once, and I consider my personality quite a bit different now. Im a lot more toughened, a lot less sensitive and needy and a lot stronger. However, I have a very hard time writing. I never get the inspiration I had then, and when I do get some sort of motivation to write, it seems very contrived and inorganic. Nothing like it was. So, I suppose my question or point to debate is this... They say there is a fine line between genius and insanity. I think this example proves this. Before I changed, when I was with Clark, I would've considered myself definitely some sort of insane, very much bi-polar and out of control. I probably should have had some sort of help (I probably should still, but I was a lot worse then). But I made brilliant art. And now Im not so crazy due to self-revelation and epiphany and internal removal of myself from a double-sided stasis. However, the genius is somewhat lost. So, what do you guys think? Does it have to do with the genius/crazy combo, or have I simply lost my muse? (I've always considered a muse to inspire positive creation though, mine was always out of some negative emotion). Has anyone else witnessed themselves shine brighter at a less than sane moment, or believe this theory? And which would you prefer, a constant temperment, but a dull edge, or insanity and a gleaming point? Tell me all your thoughts on the matter...

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Greetings [09 Oct 2003|12:13am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi there, I'm very interested in this community. Particularly because Gary Zukav is under the list of interests. I'm fascinated by his work, and I'm actually a participant in the Creating Authentic Power Education. I'm very interested in hearing about the books that anyone in this community has read and their reactions to the different fundamentals that Gary writes about. Thanks for your time, I hope to get a response from someone! =)

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[17 Jun 2003|01:42am]

Check out post_modern_pie.

Testing [31 May 2003|07:10pm]

[ mood | curious ]

So, I just ran across this community, and I wanted to see if anyone was still interested in giving it a go. It sounds like a great concept, and I have some other people who I am sure would be interested in joining.

Hope to get a reply. Thanks.

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Howdy [15 Oct 2002|01:24am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Well, I know tyler and I started this community so we could get some intresting conversation going, but both have a been a little camera shy, so here's a go.

Anyone have any thoughts on this.

IMHO we are getting so much closer to true biomechanical integration than most of the public realizes. I mean, look, its already been done. Hopefully in 30 years I'll be able to order a couple extra arms on Amazon.com.

The applications for things like this are limited. Think of being able to answer your cell phone with just a thought, or browse the web with no mouse or keyboard, from 5 yards away.

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