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Seriously Deranged Minds Eye

I just took a meeting with Client.
Things are not what they appear.
I sweat profusely.
Mainly from this meeting, but also as it's totally sizzling flesh
in the outside.

My Client 'John & Linda' represent a major Lending firm.
The usual babble; I am like yes yes yes; Oh? yes?
(Must act surprised at the same Bullshit EVERYDAY)
Close Deal, Handshake *Lots of Funny Money* the twinkle of my
Pearly Whites.
Then I fuck up. I give them a card. The card is not my business
It's another type of card that Indentifies me in certain circles.

Evidently; they are card weilding patrons of this Organization
and claim they Know of me. I never Fuck Up. I just Did.
It got weird. They wanted me to go to Lunch; Teach them
and Tell them. I said Fuck It. Lets Go For it.

I am in the Mirror Now. I have Grey Slacks on, my Bushido Grey
Dress Shirt; Deep shiny Blue Solid Tie. Silver Seiko Kinetic
My Dressy Maroon Docs, I'm Tan from surfing, and I Look Fucking
Great. As I pick up my Gargoyle driving glasses the Beast within
is going to be released. I am taking them to Lunch. They want to

Know things? I guess Fuckers must think I am a Battery; providing
power and Energy to the Masses. I am going to Mind Fuck these two
Flesh Bags. I am going to make them wish that they sooner fucked
the Fryolator than Assume that I would Dish Knowledge To them.

As I step and walk with a swag; I am a Major Cocky MotherFucker.
I am a total C.S. Cocksucker. The Beast within...OH yeah
U/they/them.........Have Know Idea. I will go easy on them as it
was My stupidity; amazing the actions that can occur with the
dropping of a single I.D. Card that says: "OH" this is something
I belong To. Fuck, I will sit attentively; let these Mental midgets
spew Fuck Goo from there Lips, and I will speak not a Word. Then
within the Last 10 Minutes I will Lay down the Hammer. They will be
cureled up like babies in the womb when I am done. Keyser Sosa.
God Damn Movie Myth; I Could Eat That Fucker for Breakfast, and

Have Room. I will even throw a toothpick in my mouth as I drive them
Just like a Major Fucking C.S. I will play New Order Blue Monday.

Oh I am in for a Treat that far Exceeds the Joy
That Far Exceeds 'Chocolate Fudge Brownie'

Tonight, I will Go Surfing, Running, and workout until I puke and
Pass out. Why? Because I can.

The QUIZATSATTERAK**********************************************

As I walk out I have my Cocky Grin on; and my eyes a sparkle through
Me Gargoyles.
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